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Cooling Optimization with SynapSoft Software helps you…. 

• Reduce cooling energy utilization up to 50% 
• Reclaim stranded power and cooling capacity 
• Avoid capital expenditures associated with purchasing new equipment 
• Achieve tangible ROI, with typical payback timeframes of less than two years 
• Automate management of CRAH temperature set points and variable fan speeds to maintain energy savings 
• Meet server CFM requirements while maintaining acceptable server inlet temperature within ASHRAE range 
• Identify hot spots and direct airflow to avoid overheating or air mixing 
• Create trending views of recent or historical temperatures, pressure differentials, dew points, or humidity levels 
• Optimize and ensure PUE accuracy through evaluation of system performance identification of changes in electrical infrastructure 
• Improve capacity planning and management with an in-depth understanding of total and detailed resource utilization 
• Increase resiliency and reduce risk of overloading by providing alarms for phase or load balancing violations 
• Gain remote access to cooling optimization data via mobile platform

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