HUASU - Battery Management System

HUASU battery monitoring system is designed specifically for single cell monitoring.  The BMS solution adopts more than 20 technological patents developed independently by its professional R&D team, which provides the most comprehensive analytical data for battery safety operation.

  • Single cell monitoring module: one module monitors one battery; monitors cell internal resistance, voltage and negative pole temperature.
  • Can block ripple interference without affecting useful signals.
  • Measures internal resistance by small test current method (about 5A; patented technology).
  • Flexible configuration: support MODBUS, SNMP protocol and easy to access into the third party monitoring system.
  • Continuous 24*7 online monitoring; user-friendly installation.
  • Ultra-low power consumption:
  • When 1.2V&2V TA/TV module works normally, the absorbed current is 7mA and the maximum is less than 13mA. While for 6V&12V TA/TV modules, the absorbed current is 2mA and the maximum is less than 7mA.  It is far lower than the industry's standard 30mA.
  • High safety factors:
        a) Built-in current limiting and reverse protection.
        b) Meet UL flame retardant standards.
        c) The withstand voltage between the battery voltage input port and
             the digital circuit is greater than DC1000V.

        d) accord with the standard ANSI/TIA-942 and GB50174-2008.
  • High stability:
       a) Over 14 years' experience in BMS R&D, production and applications.
       b) Tens of thousands of applications.
       c) More than 20 technological patents in BMS industry.

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